Volume 92, Issue 54

Wednesday, December 9, 1998

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No special Quebec treatment

Re: Be wary, Dec. 2

To the Editor:

I am writing to respond to the editorial outlining the hidden dangers of the recently re-elected Parti Quebecois government in Quebec.

Being someone who has lived in many cities across Canada, I think I speak for a lot of Canadians when I say NO ADDITIONAL SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR QUEBEC!

I disagree with the editorial in that Canada does not have to "step back into the constitutional ring with Quebec." The people who voted in the PQ government should accept their equal membership in this country and like every other province, appreciate what it has to offer them. Sure, things are not perfect, but what society exists without flaws?

If those Quebecers who voted in the PQ government think that a sovereign Quebec would be an improved Quebec, think again. The separation movement has already scared off investment in the province and helped to maintain the disgraceful 9.5 per cent provincial unemployment rate.

The government has redirected its focus from fundamentals, leaving programs like health care in chaos at the gain of separation tactics. I really urge people supporting the PQ to reconsider their values and goals for the province and its people.

For the PQ and its leader Lucien Bouchard, separating isn't really about making Quebec better, it's about gaining power. If Quebec were to separate, guess who becomes the leader of a nation? Clearly a government who has disregarded the well-being of its citizens in the pursuit of separation isn't doing it to make Quebec a better place.

PQ voters, if you think separation would rectify Quebec, think again. You can take your portion of the national debt, come up with financing for health care and other social programs on your own and have your economy crumble.

Stay in Canada or not. The choice is yours!

Chris Donkers
Science I

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