Volume 92, Issue 54

Wednesday, December 9, 1998

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Spitting out your Dinner

Re: Television makes the difference, Dec. 3

To the Editor:

I have, throughout this year, been reading the articles written by The Gazette's Sports editors, mainly those by John Dinner, which have generally been about sports outside the confines of Western. After reading the article he wrote in regards to college football and several other articles, I have come to the conclusion Mr. Dinner does not seem to know much about sports, or anything for that matter.

The statements he makes in his articles show his complete ignorance of sports and society as a whole.

His statement that television is the sole reason American college football is more popular than Canadian college football is completely disregarding many other aspects of why people choose to watch some sports over others. This statement also fails to answer why 100,000 people show up for American college games, compared to a meagre 2,000 for Canadian ones.

How can television affect people watching a game live? I would like to see some facts, such as Neilson ratings to back up the statement "Canadians are too busy watching Notre Dame vs. USC." I know very little people my age, besides myself, that know anything about, let alone watch on TV, American college football.

Now let's look at the next great thought by Mr. Dinner. "The difference between the talent level in the two leagues is minimal." WHAT? Explain to me why I can count on my hand the number of NFL players that came from the CIAU. Almost any Canadian player with talent enough to play in the NCAA would do so over the CIAU for the basic fact that there is better talent and more competition there.

Finally, his last statement that Canadians only want American football makes me wonder how Mr. Dinner knows so much about what I and other Canadian sports fans want. Like all sports fans we want BETTER FOOTBALL and that does not necessarily mean American football. I would love to see Steve Young and Jerry Rice playing with CFL rules over NFL rules.

Once again, John Dinner has managed to impress me with his complete lack of common sense or an ability to put a complete intelligent thought together. I cant wait to read his next riveting article.

Matt Romanada
Economics II

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