Volume 92, Issue 54

Wednesday, December 9, 1998

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Re: Fifty years of human rights violations against Palestinians

To the Editor:

When walking through the atrium of the UCC last Wednesday, I suddenly became disgusted. This disgust stemmed from the display of photographs, videos and speakers by the Arab Students' Association. While I am a very strong supporter of human rights, I am also quite firm in my belief that both sides of an issue must be openly displayed.

That day, it was not the case. It was very clear to me as well as the many other Jewish students who saw this display, that it was very one-sided. The ASA has every right to support their heritage and their people, however, they do not have the right to negatively portray the heritage and people of the many Jewish students at Western.

If a picture of a Palestinian child in the hospital is shown, then show how he got there. All of these pictures are used to make the Palestinians out to be the victims and in some cases they may in fact be so.

However, what is not shown are the pictures of the many Israeli soldiers being attacked by Palestinians and left for dead or with no choice but to defend themselves. Displays like this one are fine, as long as they are unbiased. Unfortunately, this one was not and showed only the views of Palestinians.

If Israeli soldiers and the Israeli government are to be the scapegoats of all the problems of the Palestinian people, then peace will never be achieved and such displays serve absolutely no purpose and simply anger those on both sides. There were constant arguments and debates between Arab and Israeli students. Yet it is conflicts like these which this demonstration intends to stop?

Even worse is the fact that a majority of the students who saw today's display are completely uniformed on events occurring in the Middle East. Students will walk out hating Israel, their government, their army and some of them, even Jews in general.

The goal of all sides is peace and propaganda like this does not help to promote it.

Lorne Swartz
Political Science I

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