Volume 92, Issue 54

Wednesday, December 9, 1998

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Fifty years of violations

Re: Fifty years of human rights violations against Palestinians

For 50 years Israel has systematically violated the basic human rights of the Palestinian people. From any perspective, what the Zionist state has done to the Palestinians is totally unconscionable.

For 50 years, the source of Palestinian misery lies in Israel's continued occupation and colonization of Palestinian land in flagrant disregard of international law. No other country in the world has legalized a form of torture to gain information from prisoners as the Supreme Court of Israel did.

While Israel condemns suicide bombings, it has stepped up land confiscations and demolition of property, resulting in hundreds of Palestinians becoming homeless. These acts of aggression are not for security purposes but rather for the continuous colonial, expansionist, Zionist projects.

One must never forget the reality of the Palestinians, the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine. Most of them – some 700,000 – were driven out as a result of Israeli massacres, terror and threats in 1947-48 in an "ethnic cleansing" which destroyed over 400 Palestinian villages and towns and which continues to this day. The Deir-Yassin massacre, which took place on the morning of April 9, 1948, where commandos of the Irgun (headed by the fascist Menachem Begin) and the Stern Gang is a testimony to the Zionist project of "ethnic cleansing" and colonization as orchestrated in PLAN DALET.

In this small village of 750, men, women and children were systematically murdered. Fifty-three orphaned children were literally dumped along the wall of the Old City of Jerusalem. As a result, Israel was rejected for membership in the United Nations in December 1948 because it refused to abide by UN Resolution 194 of Dec. 11, 1948. This called for the right of all refugees to return and be paid full compensation under principles of international law or in equity.

However, in 1949, UN Resolution 273 took Israel into the family of nations only when Israel agreed to abide by UN Resolution 194. To this day, Israel has not lived up to any part of that resolution.

Here I stop and wonder why Israel has continuously defied and violated the more than 60 UN resolutions for 50 years. Why are they protected by America as the 52nd state – without being punished by economic sanctions nor bombing – while Iraq was bombed to dust because UN counsel resolutions must be obeyed?

I believe that part of last week's ASA event was to shed the light about the victimization of Palestinians by the Zionist project. For too long their plight and history have been denied and this denial has only served to dehumanize Palestinians in Israel, in the occupied territory and in Diaspora. One must realize that the Palestinians, as people, do exist and will continue to exist.

Furthermore, we must acknowledge that thousands of Palestinians were killed and millions live in Diaspora away from their homes and lands on which they had lived and coexisted with Jews for centuries. Unfortunately, Palestinians live nowadays in a world where Zionism, steel and power have turned justice into mute.

Adham Benni
Political Science III

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