Volume 92, Issue 54

Wednesday, December 9, 1998

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Re: Improved bus service, Dec. 1

To the Editor:

The deal between the University Students' Council and the London Transit Commission went through because it was a mutual agreement that would benefit both parties. We, the undergraduate student body, obtained an economical means of getting to and from school as well as around the city and the LTC received a reliable and obviously needed source of revenue.

Maybe the LTC was a little presumptuous about servicing the Western population with a few extra "Richmond Express" buses, but they were prompt to realize that this was not the panacea that would solve the supposedly expected increase in bus usage. Although they have been making an effort to meet the new demand, I have some additional suggestions.

It would show organization and thoughtfulness on the part of the LTC if it could distinguish clearly and legibly between the "Richmond downtown" only route and the "Dundas downtown" only route. Perhaps it would help to use the signs that display "Express" for the Richmond route only, and "Downtown" for the Dundas route, only, as well as clearly indicting between the routes on the sides of the buses.

To keep this deal economical, the LTC should consider purchasing used double length buses – given the streets can accommodate their size – to cut down on the number of driver hours required just to service the Western population. The LTC has been purchasing buses for its fleet to accommodate the elderly and disabled over the years – how about accommodating students?

More coordination is needed with the USC to maximize bus times. For example, the LTC should obtain course schedules so they could plan for high periods of bus usage, such as the beginning and ending of night classes.

For the safety and general comfort of the "bus crowded" student body, as well as the general population who take some of the same routes as us, we need a better plan with the bus system.

Leroy Osbourne
Psychology III

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