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Wednesday, December 9, 1998

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Pool problems plague 'Stangs

Tom Baumgartner/Gazette

Gazette Staff

For a team of rookies without proper training facilities, the results from the Western swim team's meet with the Guelph Gryphons did not surprise many.

Last Friday, the Mustangs travel to Guelph, one of the nine schools in Ontario with a standard size pool and showed the 'Stangs the importance of training in the proper facilities. The Gryphons blew the Mustangs out of the water, 130-40 on the men's side and a lopsided 130-52 tally over the women. Despite the results, head coach Glen Belfry was not too disappointed with his Mustangs.

"The scoreboard wasn't good and the scores were pretty tough to take," Belfry said. "But as far as individuals and how they swam, it went well actually."

On the women's side, Sarah Tetzel took gold in the 200-metre freestyle and a silver in the 200-metre backstroke. Christa Sergeant was able to win gold in the 400-metre backstroke and a silver in the 800-metre freestyle.

For the men, Andrew Munro claimed silver in both the 200-metre freestyle and 200-metre fly. According to Belfry, the men were held back by their inexperience. "The men are not that experienced and will need a couple of years to have an impact," he said.

The team's inexperience may indirectly be attributed to the poor facilities at Western, since it makes it difficult to recruit prospects, ending the hope of building a solid base of athletes. The Mustangs lost nine swimmers in the off-season and they have not been able to fill the holes. The half-sized pool is also hard to train in and according to Andrew Munro, each swimmer could improve with better facilities.

"It is tough to get over the fact that we swim in a smaller pool," Munro said. "Recruiting would significantly improve with a larger pool and it would bring the team's motivation up."

Crystal Clark, a veteran Western swimmer, was not discouraged by the team's results. She felt Western will be able to compete and hopes a couple more swimmers will be invited to the nationals this year. Last year three qualified.

"I think we have a stronger team this year in a lot of different ways than last year," Clark said. "This year there should be five of us that should be able to qualify for the [CIAU]'s."

The swim team won't be hitting the water until the new year when they travel to Toronto for a meet against the University of Toronto Jan. 9.

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