Volume 91, Issue 70

Tuesday, February 3, 1998



At the forum

By Sara Marett
Gazette Staff

How the University Students' Council president must deal with Western's administration and the recent debate over the number of Sophs in residence were the hot topics thrown into the presidential race Sunday night during a forum at Medway Hall.

The administration's recent decision to reduce the number of Sophs in residence by half has brought forth questions of how decisions are made regarding student life. The presidential candidates were asked how they would ensure the voice of students would be heard in future decisions and their thoughts on how to deal with the decreased number of Sophs in residence next year.

Peter Hill said it would be his fighting spirit that would bring student concerns to the table. "Students are always getting the short end of the stick. It is important that first-year students next year don't feel like they came to Western during the 'bad year,'" he said.

Hill stressed how important it will be for next year's USC to fight to get the number of Sophs back into the residences once the new residence is built in 1999.

Asking tough questions would be the way Warren Tilston would make sure student concerns were addressed by the administration. He added his ability to stand out would also enable his voice to be heard, suggesting next year's USC should take part in the transition period of the residents' council executive in the spring to make sure the student voice is united and informed.

Brett Slade said he was appalled the administration's decision concerning Sophs did not go through Senate. "This is just not right – Senators should be made aware what students think about this," he said.

It takes an approachable person with a strong character to hear the students' concerns and relay them to the administration, Jarmila Zakova said. She added it was important, especially during next year's changes, for the USC to work closely with residents' councils.

Ian Armour said he would cut through the bureaucracy with President Paul Davenport to get students' concerns addressed. "It seems like next year will be a band-aid year – it will be important for the residents' presidents to take advantage of their new seat on council."

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