Volume 91, Issue 70

Tuesday, February 3, 1998



Tilston adds flash and pizazz

By Brendan Howe
Gazette Staff

Strengthening communication around campus is a top priority for University Students' Council presidential hopeful Warren Tilston.

"If there's one thing the USC could use is a little flash, a little pizazz," he said. Tilston believes he can get students to speak out, including those who do not usually voice their concerns.

To accomplish this he plans to further steps taken this year to bring the faculty students' councils and the USC together. Next year each faculty council president will have a voting seat on the USC and Tilston wants to further communication by meeting with each of them every two weeks.

He also plans to explore the power of housing and food services over the residents' councils. Tilston said he wants to do this because right now housing just gives something to the councils and says 'do it.' Housing, the USC and residents' councils are not going through the proper channels to get things done, he said.

"Nothing's going to get done if you're insulting the people who house you," Tilston said. He suggests a stronger voice is needed in the university Senate as well as on the USC in order to build rapport with residents through further training of council members, in addition to that already done by housing.

He said if these members are trained initially, once they move into senior residents' council positions they will already have a good rapport with the USC.

With regard to USC operations, Tilston said that for the first time they are in a steady state. "I think an almost status-quo approach must be taken."

He plans to sit back and watch how the operations run for a year and then see where fine-tuning is needed. He said what would please students is if their fees went down and this is how it can be done.

Tilston admits he does not have all the answers but said he is definitely the guy to go into the job and find them. He wants to bring an honest voice to the presidential campaign and thinks of himself as a positive alternative to the regular USC personalities.

"When it comes down to it, the election of a president is about character – who is truly going to do what students want," he said.

Tilston explained he does not have a monster game plan because he does not believe anyone truly knows what is going on until they get into office and he will not know until he gets there either. "When I'm in the position to get something done that's what gets done."

Tilston expects fine-tuning of the Board of Directors and council restructuring to take up a lot of the president's time but above all he wants to fulfill the USC mandate.

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