Volume 91, Issue 70

Tuesday, February 3, 1998



Dissatisfied customer

Re: Construction in Middlesex College

To the Editor:
This is an open letter to Rob Tiffin, Deputy Registrar.

Dear Sir,

I have been referred to you in order to voice my dissatisfaction with one of my current courses, Biology 281b.

My complaint is not about my professor, or about the way the course is structured academically.

I simply can not understand why, after investing upwards of $500 in this particular course, I am forced to endure the disharmonious strains of destruction, throughout my already challenging lectures, held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1 p.m. in Middlesex College.

It seems to me that arrangements should have been made (by someone!) to change the location of these lectures scheduled in Rm. 110, during the course of renovations at Middlesex College. This is obviously an oversight, since no academic facility could reasonably expect anyone to learn genetics in such an unbearably noisy environment.

I am therefore requesting a partial refund of $250 from the University of Western Ontario for the handicap they have placed on my ability to hear my instructors during Biology 281b lectures and consequently, my ability to learn the course material.

By writing this letter, I hope to encourage all 700 of my classmates to request the same.

Phyllis Adams
Biology IV

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