Volume 91, Issue 70

Tuesday, February 3, 1998



Safety and security

Re: Celebration of Israel disrupted, Jan. 20

To the Editor:
Mr. Michi Ishai speaks of the traumatization the children visiting the university felt when they witnessed one student's silent protest on Israel Day. Is it much like the trauma oppressed children in Israel experience each day when they see their fathers, brother, or uncles killed, kidnapped or humiliated? I would like to share the trauma I have experienced as a young child in Lebanon. The trauma that will never leave me; days of going to school under Israeli shelling, that is when school was open, confounded by a lack of international support. Take yourself out of your safe environments for a moment and imagine being awoken at night by the sounds of Israeli helicopters circling your building. Imagine having a best friend one day and burying him the next. Imagine growing up not knowing if you will be shot at or bombed that day because some politician is upset. Imagine being told what to do and where to go in your own country. Imagine hundreds of kids being massacred to punish rebel groups metres from you. My home is in south Lebanon and I have never seen it because Israel says I can't. What claim does Israel have to Lebanon? The oppressed will not accept their position until justice is seen. I grew up as a child under the Israeli foot and no one said a word. And now I'm asked to celebrate and rejoice in its anniversary. I do not wish for the end of Israel; I wish for human compassion to overcome it.

Suzan Haidar
Biology I

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