Volume 91, Issue 71

Wednesday, February 4, 1998

sock it


Speak up now

Re: Students supported in tuition rally, Jan.29

To the Editor:
I suppose I should be used to this by now. After all, the apathy of students at this university is nothing short of legendary. When approximately 200 students showed up at the day of protest demonstration on the 28th, we sent a very clear message to the school's administration and to the government: About one per cent of us really give a damn about rising tuition. About one per cent of us are willing to actually put some effort into resolving this situation.

Maybe we really are Country Club U. Maybe everybody around me is actually as wealthy as the people at Guelph would have the world believe. Maybe 99 per cent of us have daddies and mommies who are paying for everything, plus a nice jeep to boot.

Maybe, but actually I doubt that. More likely, we as a student body, are simply incredibly apathetic towards student issues. It's pathetic and it needs to change. I don't envy the position of the student leader, whoever that person may be, who has to say that they represent the student body when they say that tuition costs are too high and must not be increased. We're not giving that person very much ammunition to fight with.

If you feel these issues are important, as I'm certain most of us do, next time please show it by attending rallies, showing up for political speeches and making your voices heard. All our futures are at stake here. Let's not sit on the sidelines and watch ourselves lose.

Duncan Viragos
English II

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