Volume 91, Issue 71

Wednesday, February 4, 1998

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Re: A time and place, Feb.3

To the Editor:
I was most distressed and disappointed to read a submission to your paper from Kevin Shultz. Despite several years of higher learning, which has found Kevin perusing a master's degree, he has obviously missed one of the greater principles upon which universities are founded. To say that a university is not the proper forum for one to express one's political views is entirely ignorant and shows contempt for the cause of intellectual freedom everywhere. It is to say that a hockey game should not take place on the ice, rather the Zamboni should circle endlessly around the rink, to ensure that the surface is always clean and uniform.

I would like to submit that offending and being offended are crucial to the learning process. When offence is exchanged it raises passions otherwise unmotivated to become the burning fire driving our will to learn. I believe that to fully understand something, one must observe from all vantage points, discounting nothing or one runs the chance of being wrong.

James C. Simmonds
History III

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