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Wednesday, February 4, 1998

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Mustangs wounded by shark bite

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WESTERN'S TOP SECRET PROJECT. With competition rising across Canada, the Mustang swim team has taken drastic scientific measures to develop gills for stronger performances this season.

By Justin Klein

Gazette Staff

The Western swim teams travelled to Waterloo last weekend in the last meet of the season before the OUA finals causing head coach Glen Belfry to have mixed feelings regarding his teams' performance against the Warriors.

On the men's side, the team fell short of a victory by a nail-biting score of 130-118, but based on some individual performances, members of the team feel ready for the championships.

"Considering the time of the season and taking into consideration how tired the team was, we swam really well," Chris Elliot said.

Although the team lost a close one, the season has been graced by two swimmers who stole the show in this meet. Elliot and Andrew Munro contributed to Western's success all year, transforming the team to a top competitor for the OUA title after one of the worst seasons of the decade last year.

"Andrew was feeling ill up to the meet itself," Belfry said. "He focused and really swam well as he won four gold medals."

Munro, whose illness could have prevented him from competing, led the Mustangs with an outstanding performance. He won the 100-metre fly, the 100-metre free, the 200-metre fly and the 200-metre free relay. These impressive numbers earned him the award of male swimmer of the meet. Although Munro accumulated most of the team's 118 points, his comments on the meet only show his modesty and maturity.

"We had a smaller team than they did but we really put it together," Munro said. "It is the team as a whole that is letting us exceed the expectations put on us."

Elliott also had a great performance at the meet. Although he did not match the success of Munro, he settled with a gold medal in the 200-metre back. Elliot praised Munro's leadership.

"Andrew really steps it up," Elliot said. "He performs day in and day out and is definitely a major asset to the swimming team."

The Mustang men end up in third place in the West division with a 2-2 record.

On the women's side, Laura Seanor led the Mustangs to a 136-131 victory. Her impressive numbers were incomparable to any other female and it was only fair that she won the female swimmer of the meet.

The reasons for this honourable award are due to her two gold medals (200-metre free and 200-metre free relay) and two silver medals (50-metre and 100-metre free). Coach Belfry was very pleased with her performance, as well as the team's effort and thought that she swam brilliantly.

"The women kept their composure," Belfry said. "It was nice to win this one and it was great that Laura was honoured with swimmer of the meet."

The women finish the season with a 3-1 record and second place in the West. The OUA finals take place in Toronto from Feb. 12-14.

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