Volume 91, Issue 72

Thursday, February 5, 1998



An event for the mind, body and soul

It's Black History Month again, a month dedicated to reaching better understanding of the black struggle historically. Among the many activities coming to Western this month to share the experiences of black history is Soul, an event coordinated by the Black Student's Association which showcases black artistry from the London community and surrounding areas.

In the past, Soul has drawn audiences from all parts of Southern Ontario. With an extraordinary cast of actors, vocalists, musicians, poets and dancers, there is hope that Soul '98 will surpass all expectations.

"It's tiring to see black people in a negative light in the media, this is an event which helps put a positive spin on blacks – especially black youths," says president of the BSA, Doretta Charles.

This event is charged by a positivism which helps to kick-off Black History Month. Charles explains that Soul gives blacks a chance to "educate and provide knowledge so misconceptions and stereotypes can be avoided in the future. If everyone had the basic education about black people, we wouldn't need Black History Month."

Soul provides a venue for blacks to celebrate their various cultures and display their talents in areas "you wouldn't ordinarily see blacks participating in on television. It's great to see a black classical pianist or opera singer," says Charles.

The event will take place tomorrow night from 8-10 p.m. at the London Convention Centre.

–Alvin Thompson

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