Volume 91, Issue 72

Thursday, February 5, 1998



USC councillors resign

By Sandra Dimitrakopoulos
Gazette Staff

As three councillors handed in their resignations at the University Students' Council meeting last night, the issue of time constraints kept popping up.

During member's announcements, school of dentistry councillor Khristine Drouillard and engineering councillor Yakeem Abdool-Ghany, each stood up to announce their resignation while speaker Brian Astl announced the resignation of science councillor Farzan Ali who was not in attendance.

Abdool-Ghany said sheer time constraints was the reason for his resignation and explained a compromise had been reached with the engineering council president to find a replacement who will now be Karen Fong.

"These meetings run very long and the time is just not there," Abdool-Ghany said. He added most councillors of professional programs find it very hard to attend because they have so many other appointments and projects.

Ali was not present but Abdool-Ghany said they are close friends and the reason for Ali's resignation was similar to his own. "There is a trend occurring and council will have to look at this."

Yet VP-communications James Deans, acting president for Ryan Parks who is away at an Ottawa conference, said Ali actually switched universities and the only person resigning because of time constraints was Abdool-Ghany.

Drouillard listed conflict within the dentistry council as her reason for resigning. These internal problems were related to a Jan. 19 vote of whether the school of dentistry should relocate to St. Joseph's hospital which she believed would mean a substantial raise in tuition.

"In their mind [council] was voting for a move but in my mind it was a vote for tuition increases," Drouillard said.

Abdool-Ghany was also implicated in an Israel Day protest but said this had nothing to do with him leaving. Social science councillor Michael Rubinoff, who co-wrote a letter regarding the protest, said the letter writers wanted to be diplomatic about the situation and try to implement a policy which would stop this type of situation from happening again.

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