Volume 91, Issue 72

Thursday, February 5, 1998



Redirect the anger

Re: Safety and security, Feb.3

To the Editor:
I understand why Suzan is upset about what happened to her family and other families living in Lebanon. See has a right to feel enraged about an ongoing injustice; however, she is venting her anger at the wrong party.

Currently, the South Lebanese Army (SLA) and the Israel Defense Force (IDF) are combining efforts to rid South Lebanon of the terrorist guerrilla group, Hizbollah (Arabs and Jews working together against a common evil). Unfortunately for Suzan and many other Lebanese, Hizbollah has no regard for human life. They find it strategic to use innocent Lebanese civilians as human shields for their bombing raids on communities in the North of Israel.

Suzan should not condemn the SLA or the IDF for protecting the lives of Israeli women and children. Rather, she should condemn the Lebanese government which allows Hizbollah to use civilian homes as launch sites for ketusha rockets. She should vent her fury at Iran who funds these unjust activities.

Israel is not an expansionist entity. Arab land in the Middle East outnumbers Israeli land by a ratio of 500 to one. Israel has never tried to inhabit South Lebanon and has no intention of doing so. Israeli soldiers would rather be in university and with their families than fighting in South Lebanon; however, that is the price they have to pay so that children in Northern Israel can live their lives free of bomb shelters and gas masks.

As we turn our attention to the events unfolding in Iraq, we are reminded of the many innocent civilians living in Arab countries who suffer at the hands of totalitarian regimes which have no regard for their own people's well being. I sincerely hope the SLA and the IDF can successfully combat terrorist organizations so that some day in the near future Israelis can live without the fear of being blown up and Lebanese, such as Suzan, can return to their homes.

Michael Bloom
Biology III

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