Volume 91, Issue 72

Thursday, February 5, 1998



Quoted quotes

Re: Protesting the protest, Jan.30

To the Editor:
It is interesting an organization by the name of The Jewish Committee on the Middle East (JCOME) published an article by the name of "MIDDLE-EAST REALITIES – #32" which contains the following paragraph (JCOME claims to be supported by "Jewish professors at over 175 universities nationwide and by thousands of Americans of all backgrounds and religions.")

"Meanwhile, the peculiar Israeli variant of Middle East apartheid continues – complete with SECRET POLICE, PASS LAWS, TORTURE CELLS, RESTRICTED CELLS, OWNERSHIP "LAWS," IDENTITY CARDS, MILITARY COURTS, ASSASSINATION SQUADS and many other forms of brutal suppression and discrimination."

Any explanations to what that paragraph might mean?

Asser Hassanain
Computer Science IV

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