Volume 91, Issue 73

Friday, February 6, 1998



Candidates talk King's for a day

By Karena Walter
Gazette Staff

The goal to create stronger links between King's College students and those on main campus was discussed in yesterday's University Students' Council presidential election forum, but King's students weren't buying the promises of an affiliate love-in.

The noisy lunch-time crowd in the college's cafeteria was, for the most part, inattentive as candidates tried to appeal to King's students by discussing the importance of communication with the college – something countless candidates have tried to address in forums of years past.

Jarmila Zakova said all the affiliates feel left out and suggested holding pubs between the affiliate colleges, something a student later confronted her about, claiming the pubs are already being held.

She added she would like to create a living web with the university. "I definitely agree with the unity of campus and that's what we have to concentrate on," she said.

The USC's Affiliate College Committee had an erratic schedule this year, Peter Hill said. He would like to hold the meetings on a more regular schedule – once a month, next year. He also proposed presidential town hall meetings held at King's. "It would bring us all together a little bit more."

Brett Slade said he would like USC councillors to go to King's College Students' Council meetings and he wants to rotate USC meetings to the affiliate colleges. "I am guaranteeing a meeting here next year," he said. Platform ideas like community programming with TV Western is another way he said he wants to reach out to King's students.

Advertisements in The Regis, the King's student newspaper, would inform students of USC events and what councillor positions are available, Ian Armour said. He added it is important that next year's council be more visible and visit King's. "We're here to support King's council but we're not here to tell King's what to do."

Warren Tilston said students across campus have the same problems –debt and rising tuition. He wants to build a unified student government with a closer link between main campus and King's. "Until unification of student government happens we won't be able to get anywhere," he said.

The issue of communication between King's and the USC comes up every year at the USC presidential forum, but students at the college say the problem has not been addressed. "As of yet we have not seen the proper lines of communication," Matthew Whitehead, a first-year King's student said after the forum.

Whitehead said the only lines of communication with the USC are through entertainment venues like pubs, but students at the college are not informed about the USC political agenda.

"They all said they wanted to do it but they didn't have realistic ideas," said King's first-year student Rob Clark.

King's College Students' Council President Courtney Hindorff said there were only a few Affiliate College Committee meetings this year. "I really find this year's [University Students'] Council had other mandates than increasing relations."

But James Deans, USC VP-communications, said he does not want to call meetings for the sake of having meetings. "It's kind of repetitive. If there's a huge issue, we'd be calling them."

Hindorff said there needs to be open communication with the executives of both councils and if that happens, students will follow.

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