Volume 91, Issue 73

Friday, February 6, 1998



Candidates strut their commercial stuff

By News Editors
The Gazette

The disappearing act of current University Students' Council President Ryan Parks becomes a reality in TV Western's introduction to the USC presidential candidate's commercials. The minute-long clips allow the candidates to have a glorified 15 seconds of fame and to let students know what they're really all about. This year's batch have displayed some real creativity and here's a humble review from our place on the balcony.

Ian Armour – Armour's bald head came in handy for his numerous wig changes and suggests Paul Davenport could have used a little trim himself. Taking on the role of the A-Team, Armour attempts to fight campus safety, student budgetary concerns and rising tuition costs through proposed platform ideas. The ideas flash across the bottom of the screen, a format which lacks originality but gets the message across in this platform-based '80s sitcom with bad hair and wonky costumes.

Peter Hill – He's a student, he's a candidate, he's a Spice Girl?! Illustrating his smooth moves on the University Community Centre balcony, this popstar is ready to do the presidential bump and grind but with legs that hairy he may never give the 'Girls' a run for their money in the world of stardom. However, this prince of pop has chosen not to discuss his platform, showing boys just wanna have fun and make sure students know they rock.

Brett Slade – With music from the movie Jackie Brown, Slade portrays himself as a cool slickster but the slick part falls a little short when he doesn't have the hand-eye coordination to light his cigar. Stepping out of a chauffeured limousine with vanity plates in a tuxedo shows he spares no expense for image. But most importantly, a USC president should have the strength to lift a flag without the help of a bunch of friends – and what the hell is he running from?

Warren Tilston – Even without the help of a campaign team, Tilston succeeds in being Western's first-ever action figure as 'Campus Kid Warren' – accessories included. Flipping through the atrium of the UCC, the viewer watches Kid Warren don some Tilston-esque apparel which gets more Slade-esque as the presidential model gets brought in. This Kid will even make the boys and girls in administration happy with his accompanying pull-string, which when pulled Tilston relays his campaign promise: "I'll make the USC a beautiful place."

Jarmila Zakova – Opting to take the serious route, this platform-on-film offers students a short tour of Western's campus and facilities. Unfortunately, she offers no insight into her personal character in her video that gives the viewer little more than her tape-recorded forum speech reserved for all Western students. But the good news is if she doesn't show up for the next forum all they have to do is play the video.

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