Volume 91, Issue 73

Friday, February 6, 1998



Poli-Sci purgatory

Re: Political ideologies and philosophies

To the Editor:
What is going on in political science departments? Judging from his recent letter, at least one M.A. student appears to be entirely unacquainted with the central ideas of classical liberalism. One of his absurd strawmen equivocates between the coerced bus passes at another's expense and that done out of love and consent as a mother feeds her child.

His suggestion that refusing the former implies refusing the latter is akin to accusing someone opposed to rape of being a prude. There is a simple principle that we "non-progressives" apply in all domains – that the use of force is not an acceptable means to any end, private or political. It is not giving I oppose, but the aggression of those who would spend my money for me without my consent. I do not presume to speak for Mr. Chivers, but "I" am "certainly" not opposed to charity.

Surely student "masters" of political ideas should be expected to have a grasp of the arguments "for" liberty, unpopular as such arguments may be in a state-run university.

Mike Davidson
Scholars' Electives II

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