Volume 91, Issue 74

Tuesday, February 10, 1998

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Selfish and spoiled will stop bus pass

Re: Looking at the big picture, Jan.23

To the Editor:
Mandatory bus passes immoral – bah, humbug! To say this is an exaggerated claim, aimed at trying to rationalize to you, the reader, why this individual will not put forth what to him would be a mere $75 more a year. I suppose this fellow has not bothered to question where the rest of our student fees go? Maybe he has a child in day care, or is an avid listener of CHRW? Then his student fees are obviously being put to good use. He must think that everybody who pays a student fee benefits 100 per cent from where their money is going? To say that he will not support the bus pass is rather selfish, as he is probably one of the few lucky ones able to drive to school or who lives close enough to walk. Perhaps he's lived in London all of his life and does not have to worry about the extra expenses of living away from home? Perhaps he is worried that he will not have the funds to go out drinking on a Friday night?

A mere $75 a year for a bus pass will benefit students and as for the spoiled rich kids with cars, do the rest of Western a favour and don't make such a big deal out of this. Whether you live within walking distance of the school or not is irrelevant. Think of the cab fares or bus tickets you could save on trips into town if you had a bus pass. Why take a cab on Friday night, when you could take the bus for free?

If Mr. Chivers is not able to take advantage of the bus pass, he is obviously in a much better financial situation than most. Those worried about tuition hikes would most likely be thankful for the reduction in otherwise sizable transportation costs. Mr. Chivers is probably not worried about finding housing for next year, because he either lives at home or has a car, so it doesn't matter how far away he is.

As only first-year students, for the most part, will be in residence next year, more students will be forced to find housing further away from school – they have no choice and the USC is trying to compensate for this. The majority could thus make practical use of the bus pass. Sixty dollars a month is a lot more than having to pay only $75 for the entire year.

The referendum regarding the bus pass is totally democratic. For Mr. Chivers to say that supporting such a thing is immoral, is unconscionable. Think of the many university students who are struggling with their dollars as it is – do the math. Then again, he'd probably prefer not to. This is one fellow who obviously believes it is beneath him to travel the London Transit System.

A. Lamers
Arts I

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