Volume 91, Issue 74

Tuesday, February 10, 1998

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Connection cunundrum

Re: ITS Service

To the Editor:
I am very disappointed in the quality of service I am receiving from ITS. When I paid my $80 at the beginning of the year for my 40 hours of Internet access time, I didn't think they would all be at insane hours of the morning. For the last five days I have attempted to connect to julian on several of the phone lines only to be greeted with a busy signal. The one or two times I did get through, I was halted by the statement that the modem pool was full and could only support 150 users. The only times I have been able to connect have been after 1 a.m.. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

Why does ITS sell so many accounts that their servers can not supply reasonable access to each user? This university has more people than it appears the current servers were designed to handle. Obviously, limiting the number of people who can get access at any time is unfair as we all pay the same amount (some pay more, depending on the number of hours requested). What is the point of paying if you can never get on-line at a reasonable time of day? You find your valuable study hours disappear as you attempt to connect over and over. The only solution is that ITS upgrades its service before posters go up all over school telling new first-year students to get access to the Internet from off campus providers, which is already beginning to happen. Where did my $80 go anyway?

Do it right or don't do it at all.

Jeff Tebbens
Physics/Geophysics IV

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