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Tuesday, February 10, 1998

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Veterans spike a perfect season

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LET ME SEE IF YOU TWO CLEANED YOUR HANDS BEFORE THE GAME. Rookie Mustang Bridget Campbell [5] gave the Waterloo Anthenas a thorough inspection before washing them out 3-1.

By Justin Klien

Gazette Staff

Playing in their last game of the regular season Friday, the Western women's volleyball team proved once more that they are the best team in the league with a 3-1 victory over Waterloo. With the win, the Mustangs finish with a perfect 14-0 record.

Right from the start, Western was too much for Waterloo, as any glimpse of Anthena momentum was destroyed by the overwhelming skill of Western's players. Marnie Simpson started to nail the coffin closed on her opponents early while the rest of the veterans quickly added to the hammering, Western head coach Dean Lowrie said.

"It was the seniors that really stood out today," he said. "The strong point of our game is our middle attack and with a great setter like Bonnie [Matsubayashi] and two middles like Lynn [McDonald] and Julia [Brand], our team will always play well."

The second game resembled much of the first (15-2, 15-3) with the added bonus of Stephany Cahill, another fifth-year player, who added to the storm with spikes that sounded more like dynamite explosions.

However, Waterloo was not ready to roll over and play dead. The Anthenas came onto the court with a new attitude and game plan in the third frame – gaining control for most of it. Waterloo's Cathy Herzog and Ami Barras led the assault on the surprised Mustang players and with minimal unforced errors and improved serving, the Athenas were able to win the game 15-6.

"We had a little lapse in the third game," co-captain and setter Matsubayashi reflected. "Waterloo played well in that game as they cut down on their unforced errors and dug up a lot of our spikes."

Unfortunately for the Anthenas, Western was not going to let the Warriors rob them of the chance to finish the season undefeated.

The fourth game remained knotted at zero for 10 minutes, with neither team able to gain control until the Mustangs used their experience and maturity to slowly walk away with the victory.

Matsubayashi led the inside attack with strong setting, powerful serving and even the ability to put a spike down with authority at a crucial point in the game. Waterloo saw themselves down 10-1 at one point but managed to save some pride before finishing at the wrong end of a 15-9 game.

"Western is a mature team with a lot of experience," said Waterloo head coach Corinne Williams. "My players clawed back from 10-1 in the fourth game, which only shows their good composure."

The Mustangs have now ended their season with a 14-0 record and will face the fourth-place team in the Eastern division in the OUA tournament on Feb. 21.

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