Volume 91, Issue 75

Wednesday, February 11, 1998



NIGHT and the City

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London is.....

Anybody can fill in the blank with their opinion of what London is all about. During the summer's municipal election, the city was described as conservative. Others may say it is alive. Still other adjectives to describe the city are quaint, dull and a university town.

Just what exactly does all this mean? Will the real London please stand up?

On any given night, the city is a mix of many different metaphors and styles. There are many communities that make up London and they express themselves in different ways.

We took a look at the nightlife of the city on a single evening, Saturday Jan. 31. Five teams of photographers and writers roamed throughout various pockets of London after dark with the goal of finding people out and about.

What we discovered is that after much of the Forest City goes to bed, there is a large part of the city that is just waking up. Whether it is in the gay dance clubs downtown or a country and western saloon East of Adelaide, London has a vivid and interesting nightlife that expresses the characteristics of the city as a whole.

Taking a look at London's nightlife was a big undertaking that involved some 15 writers and editors of The Gazette. They were: Tom Baumgartner, Nick Burdan, Sabrina Carinci, Sandra Dimtrakopoulos, Colin Dunne, Brendan Howe, Brad Lister, Jael Lodge, Donna MacMullin, Sara Marett, Monica Moore, Sam Pane, Geoff Robins and Karena Walter.

Without further ado, London, January 31, 1998.

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