Volume 91, Issue 75

Wednesday, February 11, 1998



Western "experience" doomed?

Re: Western dissatisfaction

To the Editor:
After several years as a Western student, I am still mystified by the counter-productive forces on campus. When I was an Engineering Frosh, we were carted off to some bar in a convoy of LTC buses, introduced to another mainly female faculty, but reminded it was not necessary to drink. Come on.

A few days ago, I received a package in the mail from some Grad Pact or something like that. I opened it, expecting some job search info or something else relevant to my future. I was astounded when they actually asked for money. No, they didn't ask, they demanded, citing "Western Pride" as their authority. You'd figure with all the education on campus and all the planning that goes into a foundation, someone would realize there is no spare coin out here. Education costs are rising, OSAP is not matching the rise and our economy dictates everything is getting more expensive. We are trying to make our dollar go further and that simply does not include charity. Besides, do they not realize the mountain of debt we are leaving Western with?

This Grad Pact said the goal was to make the Western experience a better one. How? By buying a few CDs or some cushy chairs? This brings me to my second point. Davenport. Fire him, impeach him, or do whatever you can. No second-year students in residence next year; are you mad? If it were not for the second and third-year students I met, I would have never survived. Someone needs to show the Frosh the ropes. And yesterday I read the Soph population in being sliced in half. Now, just sit back and think about what you're doing. You're killing Western. Paul, you may boost enrollment for a year or two, but plan your retirement soon, because when word gets out how piss poor the "Western experience" is getting, your numbers will definitely fall. Unfortunately, it will be too late.

So, Grad Pact asks me for money to improve the Western experience, while daily I read of Davenport wrecking it. It's counter-productive. Besides, how is a clock in the dental faculty going to help the average student? Tell ya what. Form a foundation aimed at removing Davenport and rectifying all the damage he has done and I'll throw a few bucks your way.

Update: Saturday morning, 10 a.m., Grad Pact called me on some desperate telemarketing scheme to have me pledge money. Goes to show you how out of touch they are with students at Western. Ten a.m. on a Saturday morning?

Tyron Edgerly

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