Volume 91, Issue 75

Wednesday, February 11, 1998



Consideration for all

Re: Skip the pass, Feb.4

To the Editor:
University Students' Council external outreach commissioner, Julian Hogeterp, has sadly been granted membership to Country Club U. Mr. Hogeterp drives to school everyday; must be nice. Well, you'll have to excuse the fact that a percentile, however small, does exist here at Western that are not as blessed. There are those of us who rely on something called OSAP and who feel that university is both a privilege and a financial struggle.

Unfortunately, I was not eligible for OSAP and have had to work very hard to get to where I am now. The rest of us who do not worry about things such as parking, maintenance or rising and falling gasoline prices, are worried about getting from point A to point B "vehicleless." The possibility that I may have access to a bus pass next year for only $75 is elating for myself and other fellow students. I will then be living off-campus and a bus will be my only means of transportation other than my two legs. Is it really fair for me to have to pay two dollars every single time I need to grocery shop, visit the doctor or run errands? Do you want to offer me a ride in your car to do all of those things? I don't expect you to, but I do expect that your sentiments on this issue should take into account "the greater good."

How do you feel about paying $75 for a physically disabled person to have inexpensive access to our campus? Should they be worried about filling your tank or paying for your parking permit? Unfortunately, there are people out there, Mr. Hogeterp, a lot worse of than you and I. Sometimes you have to think of others before yourself. How will you get to the campus if your car breaks down? Don't expect a bus to stop for you.

Amber Lemieux
Psychology I

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