Volume 91, Issue 75

Wednesday, February 11, 1998



No loot? Club gets the boot

By Brendan Howe
Gazette Staff

The University Students' Council has one less member after the Multicultural Leadership Club was de-ratified Monday night for financial misconduct and allegedly violating its mandate.

Meghan Symsyk, USC VP-student affairs, said an event, which the club held Jan. 31 at Wonderland Gardens, was the reason for the de-ratification. Approximately 880 people attended, each purchsing a ticket priced at $10 and in the week following the event no deposits were made into the club's account with the USC.

Symsyk said the club was asked late last week to account for the money and only one lump sum deposit was made with no receipts given to account for transactions made. They were put on probation Friday and then de-ratified after meeting with the Clubs Policy Committee Monday.

"They completely did not account for the thousands of dollars in transactions that went on over the weekend," she said. She added that although she believes the club did pay all costs associated with the event, officially the USC does not know if anyone was paid because their records do not show anything.

USC by-laws state that clubs have to use USC accounting services for all financial dealings, hold all their money in their USC account and follow all accounting policies set out by the USC.

Kumar Perampalamoorthy, VP-external of the MLC, said they have the receipts for their costs from the night but just did not have them when they met with the clubs committe. "It kind of surprised me, we could have had the receipts."

He added he thought the decision was made before they walked into the meeting.

The club also allegedly violated their mandate because the event they held was on the same night as a cultural competition held by the Western Indo-Canadian Students' Association at Centennial Hall and was intended to be an after-party for people coming from there. Symsyk said they were dipping into the same market as WICSA and distributed flyers advertising the event to get people to come to theirs.

She said they were violating their mandate to provide programming and cater to their club members because there were no discount prices given to their members and the club only has 120 members yet the event was for 880 people.

Perampalamoorthy said there were so many people coming to London that night for the WICSA event that they thought there would be an overflow. He explained the party was held as a fund-raiser for an upcoming cultural show they planned to put on and all flyers handed out were to people who had already bought tickets for their event.

WICSA held after-parties at both the Wave and Icabod's. Pallabee Bera, president of WICSA said when they realized they needed more space they went to book Wonderland Gardens but it had been booked by the MLC two hours earlier.

The MLC can still appeal to the USC Board of Directors to be re-instated as a club.

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