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Thursday, February 12, 1998



Copyrighting their signature sound

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By Monica Leone
Gazette Staff

A barking dog and a knock at the door would interrupt any regular Tuesday night activity. During a telephone interview direct from his home in Vancouver, Copyright bassist Eric Marxsen halted the interview in order to lend his neighbour a music stand. Not only does Copyright perform excellent and unique rock shows, but they can also pull through for a neighbour in need.

This quartet, composed of Marxsen, Tom Anselmi (vocals and guitars), drummer Pete Bourne and Christian Thor Valdson on guitars and keyboards, have been officially recording and performing since the spring of 1987. Not only have they come a long way in these 11 short years, they are feeling pretty lucky too.

"We got a record deal because of luck," admits Marxsen. "Nobody played our demo tape for the company and said 'we're signing them' – we just got a deal."

The name Copyright was not the band's first choice for a name. It evolved from the difficulty the band had representing its original name, which at that time was "©," otherwise known as the copyright symbol.

As for their current label, BMG Canada, the band is very pleased with the way the company has treated them. "When we came down to the head offices in Toronto, they just handed us a catalogue of CDs and told us to order what we wanted," laughs Marxsen.

Copyright's latest CD Love Story is an album composed of powerful songs that can be related to everyday life, as all the songs depict wonderful life experiences. In fact, the last three songs on the album form the trilogy of a love story – the three stages of a romance. Love Story is produced by Bob Rock's friend and apprentice Jamey Kosh and he has managed to fulfill his duties in producing a very clean album. The current single, "Transfiguration," is a song about feelings of coming through hell and out the other side which just appeared one day during a jam session.

"If you can't spot any influences in our music, then that is a sign of our success," explains Marxsen. He adds that the band describes their musical influence as everything and argues that it is impossible to be influenced by only one specific type of music.

Copyright is currently on tour with fellow rockers Junkhouse and as Marxsen explains, they have generally been very well received in Ontario. "Our acceptance in Metro Toronto has been good. We're looking forward to coming back."

In addition to trying to promote themselves live, Copyright also exist in video form. The video "Transfiguration," currently in heavy rotation on MuchMusic, was shot in Vancouver in a concrete structure that is soon to be demolished and turned into a casino. "Radio," the second single from Love Story, possesses a kind of Contact theme, which will prove to be a hit among fans of the film and soon the band.

So, remember the next time you are in the Vancouver area and are looking for a music stand, or a Copyright performance, don't hesitate to stop by Eric Marxsen's place... the dog won't mind either.

Copyright joins Junkhouse @ Call The Office on Saturday.

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