Volume 91, Issue 76

Thursday, February 12, 1998



Self-mobility essential

Re: Selfish and spoiled will stop bus pass, Feb.10

To the Editor:
I am firmly opposed to the proposed bus pass for the pure reason that I would never use it. I was and am thoroughly offended by Mr. Lamers remarks that I and the rest of the Westernites with cars are "spoiled rich kids." Speaking as someone who has "done the math" (as Mr. Lamers so kindly put it) I personally do not have $75 at my disposal to pay for a service I will NEVER use. For myself and many other "spoiled, rich kids with cars" it would be like flushing $75 down the drain on top of the $300+ needed to buy a parking pass on campus, or heaven forbid we should use our feet to transport us for free on to campus.

As a self-mobile student, I am begging all other self-mobile students to vote against flushing $75 down the drain.

Stephanie Lennox
ACS/Statistics III

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