Volume 91, Issue 76

Thursday, February 12, 1998



By hook or by crook, Israel created

Re: Anti-Israeli comments following Israel Day

To the Editor:
I am completely disgusted with the abhorrent, ignorant, anti-Israeli propaganda that has been spewed in The Gazette over the past couple of weeks. Although there is no question that many injustices have been bestowed upon the Palestinian people in the past and presently, I could provide you with just as many examples of Islamic Fundamentalist acts and other injustices that have been done to the Israeli citizens. But what would that prove? It would only demonstrate my ignorance, idiocy and one-sided bias; however, I am above this type of simplistic outlook.

With its limited resources, Israel fought for its independence just as many other countries such as the United States have previously done. Although there may have been Arab injustices along the way, Israel was forced to proceed along this "militant" path in order to maintain its existence and security. Unfortunately or fortunately, this is how history has transpired. A people that have been persecuted for as long as the Jews have, need a land of their own at all costs. I am not saying that the Palestinians also do not deserve the same rights that the Israelis enjoy, but the fact remains a state of Israel exists whether one likes it or not. Thus, people around the world have the right the celebrate this accomplishment. If this is a political statement, then so be it. As Canadian citizens we also have the right to protest, however, this should be carried out in a civil and proper manner unlike the blood-stained, masked protestor on Israel day who distributed miss-quoted hate literature. Such actions only reinforce negative Arab stereotypes rather than educate others of one's actions.

Unless fundamental points are accepted, peaceful relations between the two people will never exist. Nevertheless, spreading ignorant and biased anti-Israeli statements is not going to foster this process. If the purpose of these negative comments was to stifle the peace movement, then congratulations and may you be ashamed of yourselves.

Chad Horenfeldt
History IV

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