Volume 91, Issue 76

Thursday, February 12, 1998



Benefits of the bus

Re: Proposed student bus pass

To the Editor:
Despite the recent uproar and utter unfairness of the proposed bus pass, I am still very excited about it. Personally, I would make good use of such a money saver and it would help to keep my living costs down. I am sure that many students who, like myself, will not be living within walking distance of campus next year, would appreciate a low-cost pass built right into their student fees.

I don't understand why there is such a protest about this fee in particular when there are many other costs included in our student fees that many of us don't use. I personally don't take part in the exercise facilities here on campus, nor am I a member of EVERY club that is funded by our fees, but no one is protesting that, are they?

Despite this, I would suggest that if there is any way possible, we should make this pass optional, since I am in sympathy of all those lucky individuals who have vehicles and all the expenses that go along with them. But to all of those people who are calculating on their fingers and toes just how much money they won't be saving with this new fee, look at it from a different perspective: no more hunting for change in the cold, no more line-ups at the Infosource for bus tickets and possibly the greatest benefit; getting out there and seeing the city of London! Go to the theatre downtown, go shopping at Galleria, buy groceries and you won't have to walk back from Masonville. Enjoy all the mobility it will bring you.

Heather Maddocks
Arts I

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