Volume 91, Issue 76

Thursday, February 12, 1998



Barred access

Re: Connection Conundrum, Jan.9

To the Editor:
I totally agree with what Jeff Tebbens is saying about ITS's pathetic dial-in service. I too get the busy signal or the "max users reached" statement when I try to dial in at home. Just to add gas to the fire, I've heard from my friend who works with ITS and sets up individual's computers for REZnet that ITS is not planning to upgrade the non-traditional residences with REZnet (ie. Lambton, Beaver, and Bayfield Hall)! So if you're like myself, an upper-year student staying at any of these places, consider yourself extremely unfortunate. Screwed, because in this particular area, which belongs to the university, Rogers can not come in and set me up with Wave cable modem service nor can Bell with its new cable modem service!

Duke Nguyen
Biology IV

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