Volume 91, Issue 76

Thursday, February 12, 1998



Not convinced pass is best deal

Re: Consideration for all, Feb. 11 and Selfish and spoiled will stop bus pass, Feb. 10.

To the Editor:
Fallacies are defined as "typical errors that devastate the arguments in which they appear," arguments that "may seem to be correct, but prove, on examination, not to be so." Miss Lemieux has committed an Ad hominem fallacy.

An Ad hominem is a fallacy in which "the object of attack is, not the merits of some position, but the person who takes that position." Miss Lemieux, in positing the belief of my "membership to Country Club U" commits such a fallacy. She assumes that because I have a car and drive to school, I must attend "Country Club U." Rather than attacking my argument, she has chosen to attack me.

I do not contest the fact that a bus pass is beneficial. However, it is only beneficial to some students at Western – those who ride the bus. The financial standing of an individual, or their "perceived character," becomes irrelevant. What is the "greater good" in implementing a mandatory, universal bus pass if there is a proportion of the student body that either lives on campus, lives within walking distance to campus or drives to school? Would we be truly maximizing utility by providing such a bus pass? Perhaps Miss Lemieux and A. Lamers are blind to their own selfishness. The bus pass happens to benefit them in their situation and they get angry at those challenging their individual benefit, claiming it to be selfish behaviours.

I am not convinced that we have the best deal for all students. The current deal is one for the LTC, not the student body. Voting this bus pass in will inconvenience as many people as it conveniences, thus questioning the appeal to the "greater good" by Miss Lemieux. I have committed myself to working out a better deal, for those who ride and do not ride the bus.

Miss Lemieux, you question the fairness of having to pay $2 every single time you need to go grocery shopping or run errands; how fair is it for ME to pay $75 for YOU to do such things. Your sense of justice is as self-centred as A. Lamers', as you fail to recognize the injustice this bus pass may afflict on others. Transportation at Western has never been a shared cost.

This bus pass may benefit you and other bus riders' alike but it does not benefit ALL students at Western. In your fallacious argumentation you fail to see and recognize such an injustice; blinded by your own selfishness. Voting "NO" means voting for an improved bus pass, one that benefits the student body more than the LTC.

Julian Hogeterp
Philosophy/Politics III
"NO" Campaign Manager

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