Volume 91, Issue 76

Thursday, February 12, 1998



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Re: A time and place, Feb.3

To the Editor:
We were deeply disturbed by the ignorant comments made by Kevin Shultz in regards to the Israel Day protestor. First, the protestor was not of Arab origin. Secondly, jealousy is not the issue, it is the human rights abuses occuring in Israel which is the matter at hand. Israel's independence came about when the zionists occupied Palestine. Palestinians were oppressed, killed and deported from their homeland in order to create a state for the Jews.

Mr. Shultz, no person can become accustomed to seeing "bloodied" people walking around. No one deserves to be oppressed, no one deserves to live in fear and no one deserves to live in war.

We would also like to express to Mr. Shultz that a university is an academic institution which is open to all issues. If anything, university is the place to protest, or discuss any issue.

It is unfortunate that a masters student of philosophy still does not understand the purpose of an academic institution.

Jack Helou
Political Science II
Mervat Rizk
Political Science II

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