Volume 91, Issue 77

Friday, February 13, 1998

chumping for joy


Platform Parade

Phew. Another campaign, another pile of promises. Some feasible, some not feasible. Some original, some rip-offs. But while an assortment of new plans may be implemented, others will go down in the history books.

Over the years, candidates for the University Students' Council presidential elections have come up with some very unusual platforms. The ideas often set the candidates apart and show the voters whether they are willing to follow the path taken, or set out on a new original one. Runners have shown creativity and innovativeness, even if the promises are often unfeasible and have no chance of being adopted. Here are some of our favourites:

Scott Bradley: 1992, won the election

– Concerned about the re-routing and the cutbacks to London Transit Commission services because of the ramifications for students, he said he would handcuff himself to a pole in the Springett parking lot to stop the LTC from building its terminal there.

Mike Burns entire platform: 1993, won the election

– He wanted the USC to purchase student housing in London, re-start beer gardens at sporting events and proposed a USC-run used furniture store.

Darrell King: 1993, placed third out of four candidates

– Proposed "high-occupancy vehicle parking lots" in which cars with four occupants would be able to park in the best spaces, while cars with one person would have to park at the furthest lot.

Robert Orgill: 1994, placed sixth out of nine candidates

– Supported removing pornographic magazines from The Picadilly general store without a student referendum.

Freedom Schell: 1994, placed seventh out of nine candidates

– Proposed to relocate the USC to an off-campus venue in order to create and foster autonomy from Western's administration.

Glenn Harrington: 1994, placed eighth out of nine presidential wannabes

– Said he would pay the person placing second in the election a $1,000 honorarium and give him a voting set on council.

Justin Thompson: 1994, won the election

– Wanted to create a "Graffiti wall" on campus for student expression.

Dan Simpson: 1996, third out of five candidates

– Proposed a landlord black-list which would "allow students to know about a landlord before they enter into an agreement with them" and "would be an opportunity for students to list their comments and concerns on landlords."

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