Volume 91, Issue 77

Friday, February 13, 1998

chumping for joy


Western students smooch and tell

Here it is! The juicy numbers and sensual scoops of The Gazette's annual sex survey. Over the past two weeks, 95 people fulfilled their fantasy to share private information and beliefs about sex, love and relationships.

Along with titillating statistics and stories that would make Dr. Ruth blush and giggle, comes assurance that the sexual community (active or inactive) is alive and well at Western. Thanks to all of the entrants and for those who were too shy to kiss and tell, don't worry – at least you didn't fake it! So sit back (or perk up) and enjoy.

Most unusual
Some of the strangest places where people have expanded their carnal knowledge:

– A waterfall in Thailand
– On the King's Inn front desk
– Inside an army tank
– In a car travelling at 100km/hr
– Suspended from the ceiling (no, seriously)
– Under a roommate's bed while they were sleeping
– On the couch at SINZ alternative nightclub
– On the rooftop of old high school
– At a girlfriend's grandparent's house
– In an airplane bathroom
– On a bus from Calgary to Toronto
– In a barn at horse camp on a big wool blanket
– In a forest ranger tower overlooking all of Muskoka
– Oral sex in women's barracks while others were sleeping

Favourite campus spots to copulate:

– The good ol' standby: Weldon Library
– Western Science Rm. 55
– Social Science Centre Rm. 2050 Wednesday nights 7-10 p.m.
– Westminster College Rm. 240 (between desks)
– Tunnel to Saugeen – quickie up against the tin walls. "I don't recommend it, it's pretty cold down there and even in the middle of the night there were people walking through. At those times we just pretended we were hugging tightly."
– In a Stevenson Lawson Building washroom

Most romantic
The sweetest thing your partner has ever done for you.

– "I was turning 19 and just as I was beginning to think that it was going to be a boring birthday away from home, my boyfriend showed up at my dorm room door in a shirt and tie with a beautiful rose for me. Then he whisked me away to a cab waiting outside and to my surprise, we went to Oscar Taylor's for a romantic dinner. Because of him, what could have been a mediocre birthday turned into the happiest night of my life."
– Spontaneous kiss in public.
– Set up candles and wine on the beach.
– "He took me to the lakeshore in Toronto and tied grass around my finger, telling me it would one day be a diamond ring. I now have a diamond promise ring, but I still have the grass as well in a box."
– "He surprised me with a puppy for Christmas."
– "We were dancing to the music and he was singing in my ear."
– "Respecting my decision to wait until marriage. No ring – no schwing!"
– "Wrote me an email saying he was nervous about telling the girl he loved how he felt – and it was me."

Best or most embarrassing
The climax of sex stories.

– "My boyfriend and I, in an attempt to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation, drove to a sex shop in Port Huron where we wouldn't be recognized by anyone. After purchasing sex toys for both of us, we threw out the receipts and packages in a garbage can and stuffed the vibrators in my backpack. However, when we were searched at the border, we swore to a red-faced border cop that we had owned the toys for a long time and certainly were not smuggling."
– "Being caught by my friend while my boyfriend's head was stuck between my legs."
– "My boyfriend's roommates finding my panties in their couch."
– Firefighters interrupting because the house was on fire.
– Threesome in a shower
– "We made love for three hours and I had three consecutive orgasms."
– "Picture it: baby oil, strawberries and a two-person shower."
– "The best sex is on ecstasy."

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