Volume 91, Issue 77

Friday, February 13, 1998

chumping for joy


Gazette told it fucked up again and other feelings

By Gazette Staff

While Ian Armour experienced the sweet taste of victory last night, others were very, very bitter.

Brett Slade, who finished with 800 votes behind Ian Armour, expressed his explicit discontent with The Gazette's endorsement of fellow candidate Armour and claimed this was the reason why he lost.

"I lost because The Gazette fucked up – you chose the wrong candidate [to endorse]," said Brett Slade. "You made the worst decision you ever could have made. Anyone who voted for Ian Armour voted for him because The Gazette told them to."

Slade, referring to his campaign slogan, "Raising the standard," said he was insulted by The Gazette's comment that this was not unique. "I am the best candidate and I lost because of [The Gazette]. The only candidate you should have chosen was Brett Slade."

Peter Hill was less enraged. "I am extraordinarily happy with the campaign I ran," he said. "I just want to say Ian Armour has my full support."

But he also had a few choice words for The Gazette. "I attempted to fuel a campaign above [1996/97 USC president Dave] Tompkins but the press did not understand it."

The turnout of voters also disappointed Hill. "I regret that 20,000 students decided not to vote this year and I think they are irresponsible and should take more of an interest. Anyone who doesn't vote does not have a right to bitch in The Gazette."

Jarmila Zakova took the defeat in stride. "Whatever they [Western students] voted, it is fine with me.

"I am going to be done this year so I am out of here."

Zakova said the campaign itself was fun at first but said about the candidates, "I don't think people know what they are getting themselves into."

When the final results came down, Warren Tilston said they were as expected. "I did not expect to win at all, I ran this campaign to prove myself as an intelligent man," he said. "I did not ever say I was the coolest guy in town."

When asked if he would still consider a position on the USC next year, Tilston said he will be approaching Armour as a potential Board member. "I have to admit that if Armour wants me on his Board, I will be there, but it's gonna take Armour to show me why."

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