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Friday, February 13, 1998

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A-OK Team: Armour elected new Prez

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I LOVE IT WHEN A CAMPAIGN COMES TOGETHER. University Students' Council President-Elect Ian Armour, at the Wave with his mom last night, was later put in a headlock by supporter Dave Small. Armour says he is who he is today because of his parents.

By Brendan Howe

Gazette Staff

In the midst of loud music, tons of people and a few shattered dreams, Ian Armour hugged his parents last night at the Wave as he was handed the University Students' Council presidential torch for next year.

Armour, who shattered his closest competition Brett Slade by over 800 votes, said he still could not believe he had won. "Even now I can't believe this is done. I guess it's going to hit me tomorrow when I get up."

With the A-team theme, Armour went through his campaign in which he said he had so much fun he could not even put it into words. Looking back on the last two and a half weeks, Armour said there was not a thing he would have changed about his campaign and he is ready for the task ahead of him.

"I feel prepared for what's ahead but at the same time there's so much to do and I want to get started on that as soon as possible," he said.

Armour's parents, Paul and Paula Armour, travelled all the way from Peterborough, Ontario to be with him, while he watched his lead get larger and stronger as the night wore on. When asked about his parents he paused for a moment, overcome with emotion.

"I am who I am today because of my parents," he said. "To have them here on the biggest night of my life – I can't put that into words."

His father Paul was at Western 25 years ago and said he was extremely proud and it is very special to have Ian as president. "It's very flattering. Not too many university students want their parents around but that's just the way Ian is."

Looking to next year, Ian said he is confident that no matter what issue comes up, he can handle it and will put all his effort into solving problems. "I will be the best president that I can be and that's what it boils down to."

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