Volume 91, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 17, 1998

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Literary Corner

Only Human

You look at me and see,
Diversity, a stranger, an illusion,
As you perceive me through your eyes,
Is it through colour, race, or religion?
For if you only see the colour of my skin,
Hear the accent in my voice,
Or see the religious symbol I may wear,
I tolerate your judgement and,
I forgive you.
For I understand that you lack the knowledge,
Of not what I am, but who I am.
If you only remain upon the surface of the ocean,
gather material that is worthless.
Yet if you are willing to pursue wisdom,
You will allow yourself,
To plunge into the depths of the ocean,
And gain invaluable insight.
So next time you look at me,
Hopefully you will see,
That I am only human.

–Ravjinder Bal

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