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Tuesday, February 17, 1998

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From the 'Shwa to the Forest

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HEY MAN, I BET YOU CAN'T KEEP A STRAIGHT FACE IF I GOOSE YOU. Opening for Big Wreck tonight at Call the Office, Odin Red primed, prim and red-y to play the stripes off of your socks.

By Erin Bateman

Gazette Staff

"From the 'Shwa?"

Unbelievable but quite true, Odin Red originated from Oshawa Ontario, the place many now refer to as "the Shwa."

Recently signing to Ripchord Record Co., Odin Red released the first on-label album, Lost for Days, eight months ago. "It's an up-beat album that makes you want to get up and let go," says guitarist/vocalist Tyler Smith. The album portrays the band's intimate sense of musicality and profound musical knowledge.

Now extinct, Oshawa's The Moon Room was the starting point of Odin Red. "I used to bartend at the place and any band I liked that played, I always volunteered to open for them." This first step resulted in the encounter with Paul Duder (present manager of Odin Red) who also deals with bands like U2 and The Rolling Stones. "He's not really in with the indie scene, but this is much better in the long run."

During a local tour, the group encountered F.L. Feldman who, after listening to this new band with interest, took Odin Red under his wing and began to book the band for upcoming music tours and concerts. "The Oshawa music venue wasn't really there. Once The Moon Room died, the music industry of the place died with it. The indie scene is mostly in Toronto. It's a highly competitive market filled with highly competitive pricks."

Just days ago, the band shot the video for its first single "Birthday Girl," produced by none other than Mike Downey (brother to Robert Downey of the Tragically Hip). To emphasize the importance of this man, Smith deemed it necessary and insisted on singing the lyrics which refer to Mike, "held open the curtain for my older brother Mike" (from "38 years old" by The Hip).

Lost for Days by Odin Red succeeds two other independently produced albums. Influenced by bands such as Rusty, Dinosaur Jr. and Teenage Fan Club, Smith also mentions the "indestructible" Black Sabbath. In good humour he adds, "we tend not to let that come out through our music, it's really only Brad [drummer] that relates to the source."

The band, scheduled to open for Big Wreck on the first of four dates tonight at Call the Office, will play a high-energy live show guaranteed to please the audience with the melodic lines and upbeat quality. Returning for Music Week in early March, Odin Red is on the road to a long-standing music career which promises positive rewards and reactions.

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