Volume 91, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 17, 1998

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Armour studying future plans

By Sara Marett
Gazette Staff

Like that of B.A. Barracus, Ian Armour's A-team plan came together last Thursday, when over 2,500 Western students voted him into the University Students' Council's presidential office.

Armour will begin his two month transition period in March with the current USC Board of Directors, including current President Ryan Parks, but for now he is a fourth-year honours biology student focused on getting his school work done. "Ryan won't let me into the office until after slack week. I first want to pass school and then give everything I have to the transition."

When he does get down to business, Armour said his first priority will be to get familiar with the day-to-day activities of the job. Before exams begin in April, he said he plans to speak with residents' and faculty councils regarding submissions for his student position paper to be presented to Western's administration.

The student position paper was the cornerstone of Armour's campaign platform and he said it will be his main focus as president. "If I could just leave one thing behind [as president] it will be the paper – I want this thing to be damn good."

He wants the administration to see the personal side of students' concerns. "I want to give [President Paul Davenport] something unsolicited – not just the figures, but the people behind these figures."

Armour said he plans to approach the presidency differently than any other job. "I don't see it as a 9-5 job, you have to give whatever it takes and that's going to mean some sacrifices, but I'm up for it."

One of Armour's goals as president is to have an open, accountable USC. "I want people to question my ideas, to ask questions – that's what I'm there for." Armour added that although 2,500 students may have voted for him, there are still 2,800 out of the over 5,000 voters who didn't. "That's a good thing – it means I have to prove I can do a good job."

Parks said he is working to provide a strong transition between the current Board and newly elected members. "Ian has a strong enthusiasm for this job – we want to help him get started with his initiatives and have a seamless transition."

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