Volume 91, Issue 77

Tuesday, February 17, 1998

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Staff to blame for inequality

Re: Multicultural make-up

To the Editor:
To what extent does political correctness influence the department of housing's strive for a 'real' multicultural society within residence?

We are currently students living in Essex Hall. Towards the end of January we noticed posters celebrating the Chinese New Year at the front entrance to our building. This was only the second cultural or religious event (Christmas) portrayed publicly this year. In both situations the residence manager approved of these displays by his staff.

How does the recognition of only two religious events encompass the entire residence student body? Why is it the residence manager's personal decision as to which cultural groups are worthy of recognition? Clearly, if the decision is made by staff to recognize one religious event, ALL should be included. How is the residence environment supposed to become more comfortable, when minorities are left standing out in the cold?

We don't feel that the staff has a right to decide which cultural events are acceptable, on our behalf. As students, it's our own prerogative to choose to promote our own cultures. By NO means do we feel that residence is a place where students shouldn't be exposed to other cultures and become more open-minded in the process. In fact, the lack of open-mindedness by residence staff is the root of the problem

Cliff Ritter
Social Science I
David Wasserstein
Env. Science II

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