Volume 91, Issue 78

Wednesday, February 18, 1998

aspartame pop



High Contrast Comedown
Geffen Records

Fluorescein is definitely an odd band, evidenced by looking at the dead bird depicted on the cover of their latest CD. The tunes, however, are damn exciting.

Don't get discouraged when you first pop in the CD and listen to the first 25 seconds of track one, "Slaughterhouse With A Bed." There is the sound of a banjo playing, followed by someone just smacking away at the piano keys – not everyone's idea of worthy punk music.

Although, by no means should you stop listening at that point. The songs have wild lyrics and are great to listen to. Titles like "Cathy's On Crank!," "Stoned Cold War" and "Donuts and Sharks," are twisted to say the least.

The hippest song is "More-on," entailing a bizarre story about two friends who are talking about having sex and how it would affect their friendship, when suddenly one of them dies.

Fluorescein has some incredibly crazy tunes and is the type of group you have to listen to quite a few times before you can catch their groove. Don't worry, it grows on you.

–Elliott Platt

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