Volume 91, Issue 78

Wednesday, February 18, 1998

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So you don't know what to do for Slack week.

Florida just doesn't squeeze your oranges and Whistler is just too damn smokey for skiing (or snowboarding, for that matter). It's astounding to think three quarters of the academic year has passed and despite hours of wishing they were somewhere other than class, some students still don't have any idea what to do with the approaching time off. Well, instead of just wasting a perfectly good seven days of indulgence and relaxation, perhaps some frivolous activities and superfluous suggestions fromThe Gazette can help get make it a memorable Slack Week for slackers.

1. Go to Thunder Bay or Port Perry. You could be proud to say you were the only one who did.

2. Drive to Ottawa and enjoy a day of parliament. Hey, isn't the federal budget next week?

3. Grab a pile of Canadian money and throw it across the American border. You can see its value disappear.

4. Cruise the strip in Grand Bend. The parking is great and the beach is all yours.

5. Hold a National Day of Distraction in your back yard to fight rising tuition costs. Make it B.Y.O.B. (Bring your own boredom).

6. Go to a tanning salon and drench your hair with Sun-In – it's cheaper than a ticket to Cuba and all you have to do is make up the erotic stories.

7. Tour all of the historical landmarks around London.

8. Tour all of the bars to recover from touring the historical landmarks.

9. Study. (Just kidding).

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