Volume 91, Issue 78

Wednesday, February 18, 1998

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Right man for job

Re: Gazette told it fucked up again and other feelings, Feb.13

To the Editor:
I can honestly say that no one has ever insulted my intelligence as much as Brett Slade did in the Friday, Feb. 13 issue of The Gazette.

In a post-election defeat interview with Gazette staff, Slade places the blame on his defeat with The Gazette. Slade cites The Gazette's endorsement of election victor Ian Armour as the reason for his defeat and says that, "Anyone who voted for Ian Armour voted for him because The Gazette told them to."

Well Brett, let me be one of the first people to tell you that I voted for Ian Armour and The Gazette had absolutely no influence on that decision. How dare you suggest that I don't have the intelligence to make a decision on my own. How dare you suggest that I'm just a puppet of what the media tells me and how dare you insult myself and the other 2,505 people that voted for Ian Armour!

Contrary to what Brett Slade thinks, I voted for Ian Armour because of his platform, his personality and his experience. None of which were planted into my mind by The Gazette or their writing.

I suppose I have just one thing to say to Brett Slade: grow up. When you run for an election you take the chance of losing and if that happens you have to be a big enough person to deal with it maturely. Obviously, Brett Slade has not displayed that.

In my opinion, Brett Slade's immature and insulting remarks only reinforced the fact that the students of Western elected the right person in Ian Armour, not Brett Slade, as president of the USC.

Mark Mathieson
Political Science II

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