Volume 91, Issue 78

Wednesday, February 18, 1998

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No conflict in Canada

Re: Recent letters concerning Arab-Israeli disputes

To the Editor:
I have noticed that the letters section to The Gazette over the past little while has contained numerous references to the problems of the Middle East and recent tensions on campus.

I understand the sensitivity of the situation in the Middle East and I can also understand peoples' anger with human rights violations. However, what goes on over there has absolutely no affect on what happens here! It is absolutely stupid to think that a protest here in favour of or against the State of Israel can actually change anything in the Middle East. If I were to protest the conduct of the government of Israel, I sure as hell would not waste my time picking fights with students on campus. Instead, I would write to the Israeli embassy in Ottawa or perhaps even to the Israeli government in Tel Aviv. But that is not the purpose of this letter.

I am of English origin. There is practically not a country on this planet with which Britain has not been at war with. Britain has been to war or had conflicts with France, Germany, Japan, China, America, Spain, Italy, Holland, Austria, Russia, Turkey, Ireland – the list goes on and on. You don't see me picking fights with Irish Catholics. Some of my best friends are Irish Catholics, from Northern Ireland of all places! One of my roommates is of French origin.

I realize that perhaps some of the people involved in these groups may have had a family member killed by the opposing side. My mother's uncle was a sailor in the British Royal Navy during World War II. He was killed when a German U-Boat surfaced near his ship, yet I do not carry a grudge against all Germans.

My point is the following. THIS IS CANADA! This is not the Middle East or anywhere else. Have your little groups, organizations or whatever you want to call them, but do not pick fights with your fellow students. You can not effect change by fighting with them.

Andrew Bowles
Political Science III

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