Volume 91, Issue 78

Wednesday, February 18, 1998

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Only the facts, please

Re: Gazette USC presidential election coverage

To the Editor:
We are writing in response to the coverage The Gazette published during and after the USC presidential election.

The campaigning by all candidates was done well. It was helpful of The Gazette to give a daily run-down of the candidates' activities. We do feel, however, that it is inappropriate for a newspaper source to endorse any one candidate. It would have been preferable if all platforms had been presented equally for the students to consider.

In light of The Gazette's choice to endorse a candidate, it seems understandable that on a night of disappointing defeat, Brett Slade made some ill-advised remarks. It is further disconcerting that The Gazette would take the approach it did in covering the story. A blaring headline. An inequitable photograph. Being upset with the comments is understandable, but the paper should have had the professional indifference to print comparable pictures of all the candidates.

The Gazette serves as a reflection upon the entire University Community: faculty, staff and students. We believe that your printed material should take this into consideration.

Heather Haslam
Psychology IV
Laura Scheck
Psychology III

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