Volume 91, Issue 78

Wednesday, February 18, 1998

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Money in your pocket

Re: Not convinced pass is best deal, Feb.12

To the Editor:
I realize the bus pass issue is resolved, but I am writing to clarify some of Mr Hogeterp's questionable logic. Firstly, the idea that those for the bus pass "get angry at those challenging their individual benefit," forgets that by having all students pay $75 it will be saving those who use the bus every day upwards of $350. This makes a big difference for those who use the bus, at a small cost for those who don't and truly indicates that an attitude against the pass is in fact very selfish. Miss Lemieux is 100 per cent right when she says that "this issue should take into account the greater good." I think that Mr. Hogeterp will find that selfish means "caring chiefly for one's own interests, especially to the point of disregarding the welfare of others."

Next was the claim that the LTC is getting the good deal, which may be true, but as stated, $75 is unquestionably a deal for those using the LTC. To think that the students aren't getting a good deal as well would be foolish.

What many opposed to the bus pass don't yet realize is that with a free bus pass in their pocket they will undoubtedly use the bus more often; when going somewhere without the car or unable to drive period. Chances are that next year I will be close to campus and will not require the LTC nearly as often as I do now, but I still realize the logical difference that $75 instead of $350 makes and see that bus riders will be saving more than you are spending.

C. Jongkind
Geography II

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