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Thursday, February 19, 1998

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INDIE SPOTLIGHT: Industrializing the Office

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By Erin Bateman
Gazette Staff

From beneath the depths of electronic, rock and techno music, emerges the local diverse band Super 88. Influenced by Tool, Skinny Puppy and Faith No More, this industrial group will perform songs from their debut album, High Energy Low Frequency, for many awaiting fans tomorrow at Call the Office.

"It all began with records. Mike had begun to drum along with dance/techno beats. I joined in and from there we became Super 8," says Glen Williams on the beginning of what is now known as Super 88. "Super 8 is a type of film. We all like film so we thought it would suit us. Turns out some group in L.A. had the same name." Thus, Super 88 was born.

After a series of Ontario tours, the band hooked up with Revok Records. "We gave them a tape, they liked what they heard and offered to cover our costs of an album. Of course we agreed," says Williams. Amid hectic schedules filled with school and work, Super 88 still manages to produce what some call dance and others label industrial.

The group hopes to broaden their music horizons by touring throughout major Canadian centres, playing concert clubs and perhaps venturing into the U.S. Williams laughs, "maybe we'll even make it down to L.A.." The prospect of travelling along the West coast may prove promising. In the movie Barbed Wire, starring Pamela Anderson Lee, Tommy Lee, of Motely Crue fame, performed a slightly industrial track. Super 88 took particular notice of the song. "We emailed him an offer to make a re-mix of the song and he seemed slightly ecstatic," exclaims Williams. Super 88 definitely has some interesting projects on the horizon. Besides teaming up with Lee, Mike "the beat man" Tibensky (keyboards and programming) will direct a video due out early this summer.

Joining Super 88 will be The Incredible Melting Man (a.k.a. Anthony H), who helped out with High Energy Low Frequency. This industrial album charged with beat-driven vibes will electrify audiences tomorrow night at Call The Office.

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