Volume 91, Issue 80

Thursday, February 19, 1998

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Profs experience problems with pay

By Sara Marett
Gazette Staff

Some instructors in the faculty of communications and open learning are asking their department to show them the money after not receiving a paycheque for the month of January.

Part-time and mediated learning instructors, who should have received their January paycheque on Jan. 30, only received them on Feb. 17.

"There has been some delays, but it was nothing intentional," said Dawn Campbell-Borland, administrative officer of finance and operations for the FCOL.

Campbell-Borland said because the payroll office switched their computer programs to the PeopleSoft system on Jan. 1, there were some difficulties supplying the information required to issue the January cheques on time. She added the new system required data such as birth dates and the résumés from the instructors – information their office did not have.

"PeopleSoft is a less flexible system as far as timing is concerned and we were relying on our old system – the new deadlines were just too tight," Campbell-Borland said.

She added there were also other factors such as a decreased number of staff in the department and the need to learn how to use the new system. She said the payroll office attempted to contact all of the instructors affected and let them know of the delay. "We told the instructors we would address their needs on an individual basis and compensate for any inconvenience this caused them."

But Allison Calder, who instructed a mediated learning course last semester, said this type of mistake with her paycheque happened to her in September – before PeopleSoft was implemented. At that time, she and some other instructors were not paid correctly for the courses they were teaching.

"Nobody seems to take the effort to make sure we get paid – it's just one more problem in a long line of disorganization within mediated learning," she said. She added on Tuesday, when the cheques were finally issued, there were still some miscalculations with some of the instructor's salaries.

Brock Eayrs, a part-time instructor in the faculty of English, said he was also inconvenienced by the delay of the paycheques this month. "This is just something that should not happen."

Ruban Chelladurai, assistant director of Information Technology Services, said although the problem could have been avoided, it definitely will not happen again. "It was not possible to test the entire [PeopleSoft] system beforehand – there are still some logistics that need to be ironed out."

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